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Safed (Tzfat) Emergency Appeal

We, the residents of Safed, Israel, desperately need your immediate help to survive this crisis.

People have not worked in over a month, and we are completely out of funds


Even though the missiles have stopped for now, it is time to rebuild Safed,

and help the families that have lost homes and incomes.


The Chabad House was open throughout the war to help the people of Safed.

We were forced to stop all other projects and lost all of our summer and tourist

programs. Now the Chabad House also needs your support.




Dear Friends,




Rabbi Gavriel Marzel, director of the Chabad Lubavitch House in Safed, is asking for your immediate, direct help. We know that your thoughts and prayers are with us, but we also urgently need your financial support now. We are trying to assist as many people as we can, but we cannot continue without your immediate help.


Safed, the capital city of the Galilee region of Israel, was targeted not only because of it's proximity to the Lebanese border, but also because it is surrounded by 4 army and air force bases, including the Northern Command of the IDF. Unfortunately all the news channels only speak about Haifa and Kiryat Shimona and Safed does not even get a mention.


Click here to listen to Rabbi Marzel talk about the situation on the radio


(Aftermath of a missile strike in an alleyway of the old city, just down the street from the Chabad House.)


Our city was under daily rocket and missile attacks for more than 4 weeks.  Thousands of  missiles were launched so far, and we hope now it is finally over. Every day sirens sounded throughout the day, and missiles were flying past our windows. Our city  was under siege. Day camps for children have been cancelled. The people are coming back, but after a month of not working, sitting in shelters or away from home, they need to now rebuild their lives.



These people, frightened and traumatized, desperately need our help. Workers were not paid for a month, and business owners lost money every day. Hotels and restaurants were closed, we lost our entire summer tourist season. Some people still have no money for anything, and we all need to help them. It will take a long time for people to recover.

Many Safed residents that could have left did not, deciding instead to stay to support the city and help their neighbors, so please send them your support as well.

(Smoke from a missile strike as seen from the window of the Chabad House)

(Hot food packages ready for delivery for the needy)

Throughout all this, the Chabad House remained open to serve the community. The Lubavitch Rebbe’s emissaries, as well as many local volunteers, were here to help all those in need; Care of children, food for the needy, assisting the elderly, emotional support, transportation, etc., as well as trying to carry out our ongoing commitments, Brit Milahs, services, etc. We are also giving cash to people that have not received their salaries, or whose businesses have been closed and lost money during and after the war..

We know in this time of crisis you won’t let us down. We graciously are asking for your contributions to assist us in continuing to help people in any way we can. Please send us your support to help raise the morale of our people, and to help the Chabad House stay afloat.. 


Please say a special prayer and give charity for the safety of our citizens and our soldiers.


We will be updating our web site periodically. Please send a link to your family and friends. If you belong to an organization with a mailing list, please send a letter out with a link to www.safed.net.


(Rabbi Marzel with Home Made Cakes)


Thank you very much for your time and your help. We will be reporting how we utilize your contributions.


Email us at emergency@safed.net for more information, or visit our contact page for phone numbers.








Please email us when you send checks or transfers so we can send you a receipt.


Donations can be sent by check or traveler's check to:


Chabad House Safed

P.O. Box 314

Safed, Israel

(The best for us is traveler's checks, we get the money much faster, and at a higher rate.)


Or by wire transfer:


Israel Discount Bank, Ltd.


Bank Number 11

Safed Branch

Branch Number 098

Number of Account  - 165204

Name on Account -  Chabad House Safed


***For transfers from Europe, in addition to the swift code, please include the following:

IBAN IL011098000000165204





IF YOU CAN ONLY SEND A DONATION BY CREDIT CARD, here are instructions to send a MoneyGram or Western Union transfer direct to the Rabbi.


(We tried to set up a direct credit card account to accept donations, but because we do not have an American bank account, the credit card companies here wanted to take a huge percentage of your donations, plus they want a security deposit of thousands of dollars, which we do not have.  This money could be used to buy more food and other supplies, as well as cash for those people most in need that have not worked in over a month.)


MoneyGrams and Western Union transfers can be done online, by telephone, or at a MoneyGram or Western Union office, whatever is easiest for you.


***After making a transfer, make sure to email us all the relevant info, including the tracking number, name, address, and phone number of sender, and the exact amount transfered. If you do not email us, we will not know the money is waiting. We also need your full name and address so we can send you a receipt.


Please make all transfers in the name  RABBI GAVRIEL MARZEL for CHABAD HOUSE, SAFED, ISRAEL.






Thank you again for all of your support and help.


Rabbi Gavriel Marzel



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